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holder NiSi V7

Here are all the innovations of the 100mm NiSi V7 True Color system


The Nisi brand is known all over the world, not only for its undisputed quality, but above all for the innovation that makes this brand a leader in filters and holders.


Specifically, this time Nisi managed to amaze me for having improved not only the slide / coupling for the holder filters, but for having created a system capable of eliminating stray light completely.

I wanted to test the holder in quite extreme situations (backlight, midday light, and low light). In all these cases I was amazed how the V7 system is able to not create alterations of any kind.


The NiSi V7 is, as always, made of aeronautical aluminum, with its very famous rubberized slots and guides that allow to facilitate the insertion of the Nd & Gnd filters.


The V7 system follows its V6 predecessor with a major improvement:


  • The internal diameter has been further reduced to reduce the stray light as much as possible.
  • Locking the holder and the fixing together
  • True color polarizer with quick release


Great shot from Nisi;)




NiSi V7 has a revamped system compared to its predecessor Nisi V6.

The locking screw is in the same axis as the coupling pin to the main ring.


This update allows the spring pin to force close.

In this way the tightening of the filters will maintain the desired position.


In this way the v7 fixes the whole system to the holder, so we no longer have to worry about a hypothetical fall of the filters due to incorrect tightening.


This improvement in my opinion is phenomenal, in fact it takes away any concern especially in those situations where the minutes are essential.

The system thus created facilitates the tightening and rotation of the filters in a single point, reducing the release times but at the same time transmitting so much more safety.


What to say!! Fantastic



Cpl True Color
Cpl True Color

A great new feature of the NiSi V7 holder is the brand new True Color polarizer.


In addition to the new bayonet coupling system for the 82mm main ring, the polarizer has been completely redesigned to give a chromatic fidelity never seen before.


In fact, the brand new True Color polarizer is devoid of dominant, but above all it polarizes without changing the image tone as often happens with other polarizers.

This allows us to keep the colors faithful to the immortalized scene, but at the same time obtain a strong and marked polarization.


Lens Cap V7
Lens Cap V7
Cpl True color
Cpl True color
Holder V7
Holder V7


Cpl True color
Cpl True color

No filters

nisi True Color


As can be seen from the test images, there is a parity of white balance without any chromatic alteration.


The emphasis of the sea is brought to a higher level without compromising the surrounding shades, this demonstrates that the polarizer is neutral even in situations where the reflection of light does not allow us the real vision of what we have in front of our eyes.


There is therefore a general improvement in the image, especially in the greens and blues.


All this in landscape is transformed into photographic quality.


Since I also own the Landescape Nisi polarizer, I can very well say that the level is very similar from the point of view of polarization. However, I would like to clarify that the landscape polarizer in some cases can be excessive, for this reason I think the new TRUE COLOR polarizer is fantastic in all situations.


Tappo polarizzatore
Tappo polarizzatore


Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.9 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.9 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd64 / Nisi gnd 0.6 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd64 / Nisi gnd 0.6 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.6 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.6 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.9 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl
Long Exposure Nisi Nd1000 / Nisi gnd 0.9 Soft/ Nisi True Color Cpl

NiSi V7 Holder | On Location




  1. Kit includes Holder for 3 100mm filters

  2.  1 82mm ring with polarizer adjustment

  3.  1 True Color NC polarizing filter (removable)

  4.  3 adapter rings (67/72/77)

  5. 1 soft case and 1 Lens Cap V7 (the Lens Cap for V7 is only compatible with the 82mm ring for V7).
Holder V7 + soft case
Holder V7 + soft case



This new holder system proves that Nisi is always looking for innovations. I think it goes without saying that the reputation is given by many years of products of undisputed quality.


Nisi listens and takes inspiration from us photographers, facilitating our work with increasingly efficient products. This turns into photographic tools that are increasingly perfect for photographic needs in the field.


Making the holder locking and fixing system a key point of the V6 / V7 update shows that Nisi cares about the safety of our filters.


Among the many points that amazed me the most, the one I like most is the polarizer fixing system to the holder, which now engages and is fixed with two centimeters of block thread. All this allows us to have dynamism and speed during the crazy disassembly and assembly phase.


I also add that the holder locking system transmits safety even in adverse climatic situations.

I conclude with the reasons why you should buy the V7 with your eyes closed.


  1. True color polarizer
  2. Locking and fixing system
  3. Manufacturing materials
  4. Undisputed quality of its filters.

For those looking for a fantastic holder, or those who intend to update their v5 or v6 I can only recommend the purchase

Only the polarizer is a plus for our photos;)






Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti

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