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sirui vh-10 pano-Head

In recent years the world of photography / videography has changed considerably. Ever more demanding photographers need suitable supports for every photographic genre.

The Sirui  compact video heads, offer the necessary controls to make videos or photos with soft and fluid adjustments.



The SIRUI VH-10 professional video head is designed for high quality photography and video.


load capacity

The SIRUI VH-10 panoramic head is made of aluminum and weighs only 0.9 kg, but is able to support video cameras up to 6kg!! All this will be perfectly leveled thanks to the internal counterweight system with 2kg calibration.

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How can you use it?

The SIRUI VH-10 allows you to perform 360 ° rotations in an incredibly soft way; using the appropriate regulator adjustments you can lock it in a precise position without running the risk of involuntary movements. The mechanism for adjusting the inclination of the head is soft and fluid, and allows adjustments in the continuous video setting by setting the constant pressure to be applied to the inclinations and rotations. All this reflects what a professional requires to make fluid shots.


The tilt adjustment knob allows  you to quickly adjust the desired angle, although the integrated counterbalance mechanism will help you return the head into the initial neutral position without any effort. The self-balancing greatly reduces the impact of the resistance, this allows us you to have a fluid video with a professional aspect, without flattening the soft effect of the movie. You can however block both the rotation and the inclination in any positionyou want by intervening on the regulators positioned on the sides of the panoramic head, in order to block it in a precise point.


The quick release bracket of the SIRUI VH-10 head can reduce the adjustment time, since from the moment in which different optics and cameras will be used, the position of the camera must be adjusted forward or backward on the video head for a correct balance / alignment. The SIRUI VH-10 head has a double safety lock system, all this to prevent the camera from accidentally dropping when one of the two blocks is loosened. The primary block is positioned in front, marked by the red button, while the secondary is positioned on the bracket connected to the camera.


The SIRUI VH-10 panoramic head allows you to tilt and swivel it easily thanks to the telescopic handle. the system is convenient especially if  your camera is far from you, making the movement even more precise and fluid in the adjustment phase.





To adjust the alignment of the horizon in the head there are 2 leveling bubbles: the first is positioned on the base (for adjusting the tripod legs) the other on the upper part of the head (for camera alignment)


Despite being a specially designed head for videos, it is also excellent for creating panoramic photos.


In fact, the principle for creating panoramic shots is based on some adjustments that must be as precise as possible.


  1. Level the tripod by the height of the tripod leg sections.
  2.  Place the tripod in the "0" point or starting point of the panoramic shot.
  3. Depending on the type of lens and mm used, we proceed moving for each shot with the same offset (Example 16mm on full frame 20 °). Depending on the type of focal length, the degrees will be shifted up or down.
  4.  You will realize the overview always following the same gradation of movement, identifying between one click and the other a melting point (a rock, a tree, a person) continuing between one shot and the other always including an object that is present again for 2 consecutive shots.


Using a panoramic head makes it easier for you to work, because if the 2 regulation bubbles (Tripod and Head) have been perfectly positioned in the initial phase, you will be able to carry out a 360 ° panoramic view without any inclination or deformation.



I recommend using the appropriate SIRUI LE-60 leveler (click here) to be able to perfectly align the head without having to resort to adjusting the tripod legs. In this way, once the tripod is in position you will simply have to adjust the "swing" and  you will be ready to create perfect panoramas.panoramas.



- Inclination: from -65 ° to +90 °

- Rotation: 360 °

- Counterweight: 2 kg

- Base plate diameter: 65 mm

- Adjustable arm length: from 30 to 47 cm

- Material: aluminum

- Dimensions LxLxH (with handle): 93 (370) x 145 x 96 mm

- Weight: 0.92 kg

- Maximum load capacity: 6 kg



59mm and 3/8 "threaded connection

Included in the box

1x SIRUI VH-10

1x SIRUI VP-90 Removable plate

1x Carrying bag with shoulder strap



* Tripod and camera not included

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